Friday, 02 December, 2022


Silence is no longer golden when one joins issues with a charlatan

DOZIE OKONKWO (aka) “Agbarusia NGENE” spearheading the falsification of facts regarding the projects attracted to Utuh by the past commissioner needs to be exposed for who he really is so that readers can understand that his rantings have nothing to do with facts on ground but rather the vicious lies written for him by his paymasters in exchange for his next meal and some bottles of beer. Simply put Utuh people are wondering whether Dozie and his paymasters are referring to Utuh or a strange community in Ogbaru. This young man seems troubled and is known to profess to being haunted by the ghost of his late father after selling off his father’s properties in Aba and at home including his portions of land inheritance in the village for a mess of pottage. The only thing remaining is the old bungalow and who knows when that will be sold too. Well meaning people in the town pray and hope that some day he will be healed of his demons and come to his senses. His seeming unstable nature and hand to mouth existence make him easy target for his manipulative paymasters to use for social media postings no matter how ridiculous and unreal the story they want him to tell is.
Readers are advised to disregard the hallucinatory rantings of DOZIE and his handlers as the projects are physically verifiable in the town and the records for the execution are available in the various ministries of the state.

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