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The CMD, Dr. Ugboaja took the Nnewi Crown Prince, Barrister Obi Orizu, on a working tour of activities at NAUTH Permanent Site Nnewi

Ezeakukwu Emmanuel Nsoedo

The Chief Medical Director, Dr. Ugboaja met the Crown Prince at the first round-about preceding the main entrance gate of the NAUTH permanent site. From all intents and purposes, the CMD was dressed in a casual ensemble for the activities.

We earlier joined the Crown Prince for the visit he characterized as a tour of encouragement. The management and staff of NAUTH, the contractors and workers at the permanent site need to know that Nnewi people and many others are happy with their effort to elevate the teaching hospital to a first-class medical care institution.

The Crown Prince said that the people are very hopeful that the recent development will come to fruition, however, he is not unmindful of the fact that Rome was not built in a day. He said that he is realistic about the paucity of funds at the center, the need for government to address other competing programs that require funds as well from other constituencies.

The CMD did not waste any time in explaining the total concept of the NAUTH permanent site, which in a essence is a self-sustaining community on to itself when their team must have dealt with the entire project. Dr. Ugboaja and the Crown Prince shared ideas on the holistic layout of the institution’s proposed overall design to bring the beauty and the functionality of the place.

It must be noted that there was medical consultations going on at the permanent site, even as the multi-major aspects of construction were going on at the permanent site.

Dr. Ugboaja reminded the visitors that he promised when he sought the office of the CMD that he would collaborate with the professional and business communities to bring a first-class service to the institution’s patrons through procurement of the state-of-the-art equipment to compliment the expertise of the health workers.

“And because of that, what we are doing now is to capture all these disparate interests in our development” Dr. Ugboaja, said.

The Crown Prince and Dr. Ugboaja agreed that the complex must meet esthetics that compliment robust nature accentuation. The CMD said that he is focused on integrating the wellness for both the staff and clients of the institution by providing for different sporting and recreational activities at the permanent site. The CMD spoke of the proposed well-packaged shopping complex to cater to the needs of all residents and visitors to the place.

The CMD showed the Crown Prince the designated areas mapped out for the various facilities. He told the Crown Prince that the contract for the layout and beautification has been awarded, and activities with respect that are going simultaneously. He took the Crown Prince around the several road projects which he said must be completed by the end of the calendar year.

The the interlocking work is ongoing at different points at the site; while the earth-moving vehicles were extending the areas to be covered, including several kilometers of drainages completed and being pushed further towards the end of the massive compound. The CMD also intimated the Crown Prince that Cletus Ibeto (Omekannaya) had begun developing some of the assets that he donated to the institution.

After the tour which took over an hour, Vision Newspapers inquired from the Nnewi Crown Prince what he thought about the activities at the permanent.

The Crown Prince said that: “the activities at the NAUTH permanent site are encouraging but more still need to come”.

We probed further on how he would evaluate the CMD’s leadership style. The Crown Prince responded: “I like his leadership disposition. He is moving at speed expected of a young man his age. I believe that all hands must be on deck also to make the NAUTH Permanent Site worthwhile.”

It would appear that the CMD is a man in a hurry to accomplish the vision he set for NAUTH; despite the reality that money may be in short supply, yet, his optimism veer almost to the level of absolute assurance that all must be done.


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