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The Umu Onyechi family kindred celebrated their Oliko (Covenant ceremony)

The Umu Onyechi family celebrates their every-ten-year Convenant or Bonding ceremony known in Nnewi as Oliko.
It is a ceremony steeped in ages. This ceremony usually brings every Onyechi son home, including Umuada and Umudiana that may be around.
It is an exclusive event for only Onyechi sons, daughters, wives, and grandchildren.
It is imperative to know that Onyechi was one of the wives of Ezeoguine. It was fate that bestowed on her the good fortune to produce the first son for Ezeoguine, who was named Ezechukwu, including his brothers Ezenwa and Ezelioha, etc.

It is the children of Onyechi that gather exclusively for their well-being.
On such a day as today, they will exclude anyone not from the Onyechi family kindred from coming into the palace where they celebrate.
The ceremony had begun from yesterday when 21 gunshots were fired from the Egbendulu to herald the beginning of the ceremony.

The family will kill live animals such as cows, goats, and fowl with which to prepare various menus on the spot. The family will perform traditional music most of the night.

Those present will proceed to the Ezumezu to perform some traditional requirements to reinforce the binding love prevalent amongst themselves.
Today’s morning would have been ushered in with another 21 gunshots. HRH Igwe Orizu III will break the kola nut to begin the new day’s ceremony. Following the breaking of kola, there will be a solemn time for all to participate.
More animals of various types will be slaughtered and used to cook for everyone there to eat and drink to their souls’ satisfaction.

The essence of the gathering is to strengthen themselves by getting to know each other. The Onyechi family kindred claims that they are the most populous family in Nnewi.


2 comments on “The Umu Onyechi family kindred celebrated their Oliko (Covenant ceremony)

My concern is to put the record straight.
Eze Chukwu was not the first son of Ezeoguine, the King of Nnewi but the fourth. The first was ANUEBUNWA follow By Eze Okonkwo, Eze Ebube, then Eze chukwu and others.
I think this ceremony is a debut.

Ezenwa Michael

This is a culture to emulate because it helps to know one another and also straighten the family. Though we do our every year it is not publicized. But God helping us we will put more effort on ours.
I am also of the royal family of Ezeoguine. Umu ohaeriwuaku to be precise. Ofu obala


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