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Ugboaja and his team confounds even the experts: The rate and quality of development at the NAUTH Permanent site is beyond belief

A massive transformation is taking place at the NAUTH permanent site, where active ongoing projects litter across the breadth and length of the hospital’s permanent site.

What amazes a lot of people is that these developments are taking place at the time when the country is experiencing serious challenges regarding funds for new projects.

Dr. Ugboaja challenged several stakeholders during the selection process for the position of CMD that he will move to the permanent, transform the landscape, partner with stakeholders in critical areas to make the hospital a Center of Excellence for medical tourism.

Vision Newspapers was at the permanent site a few days ago to witness the Annual Solemn Assembly by the Chief Medical Director, Dr. Ugboaja Joe, and the hospital staff.

The occasion was remarkable for appraisal comments emanating from professional heavyweights such as Professors Ofiaeli and Adinma, who have held epic positions in the school.

Prof Adinma, in that gathering, talked about Ugboaja’s engagement with serious issues right from his university days.

Prof Ofiaeli said, “that he was happy that the new Chief Medical Director (CMD) of NAUTH, Prof Joseph Ugboaja is a progressive minded person who has already began the process of taking the hospital to a greater heights.”

The visitors saw just a few of the new projects within the vicinity where the occasion took place.

The CMD reaffirmed his commitment to continue pursuing the vision and assured the guests that it would come to a conclusion.

Vision Newspapers took time to bring its audience some the active projects.


3 comments on “Ugboaja and his team confounds even the experts: The rate and quality of development at the NAUTH Permanent site is beyond belief


A breath of fresh air for Anambra state and environs.
Ochinanwata is a phenomenal leader.

Achunam Nwabueze

There’s no doubt that Almighty God has looked kindly on NAUTH and decided to uplift her to the height envisaged by the past CMD Prof RO Ofiaeli in the 5-year and the 10-year Strategic Plans for which he laid some of the foundations.
God in His wisdom and mercy has gifted NAUTH with a visionary, focused and determined young CMD in the person of Prof Joseph Ugboaja who has deployed his knowledge, skills, social connections and abilities to do what He has determined.
There’s no doubt that NAUTH will, within the next four years, sit among the Best Five University Teaching Hospitals in Nigeria.
Let’s praise God Almighty for this gift while we all work with Prof Joseph Ugboaja to actualize the Promise.


Uchenna Prosper Okonkwo

The difference is clear. When there is a vision there is a way. May God continue to uphold him with his mighty hands


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