Wednesday, 24 April, 2024


‘Why are lives of cows more valued?’

The Organization For Global Youth Peace Empowerment And Development Initiative,  (OGYPEDI),  has condemned what it described as the manner the Buhari administration is handling  farmers/headers crisis.

Speaking through its National Coordinator,  Mr.  Japhet Omene, the group said: “With the way the presidency is reacting to the crisis, it seems like more value is placed in the lives of cows than that of humans.  Hence the audacity hearders have to roam about the country armed with rifles.

“We continue to experience incidents of destruction of farmlands by cows in different communities and when citizens decide to defend their communities due to the brazen failure of government to do so, government  quickly orders  their arrest. Why are the lives of cows more valued than human lives? We expect that a swift  action will be taken by the government to hold these errant hearders to account.

“It is important to note that till date, those who shot at peaceful protesters at the Lekki Toll Plaza are yet to be apprehended by the government. I dare say that if it were cows that were killed during that incident at Lekki, those responsible for it would have been apprehended and dealt with. We cannot continue tolerating a government that shows no regard for the value of human lives. This has got to stop immediately!”

Credit: Vanguard


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