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Why Nigeria can’t develop without restructuring – Peter Obi

Vice Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2019 general election, Mr. Peter Obi has analysed the country’s challenges, noting that restructuring must happen for Nigeria to develop.

Obi who was the guest lecturer  of the 4th Adada Lecture organized by the Association of Nsukka Professors (ANP), at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) said the clamour to change the presidency without restructuring amounts to changing the driver of a vehicle without brain box and expecting it to move.

A statement from the media office of the former Anambra State Governor said he spoke on ‘Restructuring, Security Challenges and Development’ and noted that without restructuring the system fundamentally no effort can come out of the struggle for Presidency in 2023.’

“All over the place people have been urging me to go for President in 2023, we will vote for you but I say to them, the vehicle called Nigeria has no brain box but people are talking of changing the driver only.

“What can a driver of a knocked engine or car with a faulty or no brain box do? Absolutely nothing until the vehicle goes for complete overhaul.”

He said those opposed to restructuring are ignorant of the benefits therein and would do everything to enable the unworkable status quo to remain.

To the excitement of the students and lecturers that had the magnificent hall filled to capacity, Obi listed the numerous gains of a restructured Nigeria which includes paying the lecturers their worth and making the students study in a conducive environment.

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