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You’ll Destroy Your Integrity If You Join APC, Nwodo Tells Jonathan

A former national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dr Okwesilieze Nwodo, has cautioned former President Goodluck Jonathan against succumbing to the pressure of defecting to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), saying doing so will destroy what is left of his integrity.

Nwodo, a former governor of Enugu State, said no group of people has been so virulent in destroying Jonathan both as a person and as president than the APC.

He further said Jonathan won’t be able to cause a radical change from within the APC because he would have to pamper them in what they are comfortable with.

Nwodo who spoke during an interview on AriseNews, said all those who dumped the PDP at one point or the other have regretted their action.

The former PDP chairman, who said there is nothing to celebrate in APC, added that he would be extremely disappointed if Jonathan joins the governing party.

Nwodo said, “Personally, my advice to President Goodluck Jonathan is that no matter how much he’s being wooed to join APC, whatever is left of his integrity as a former president of Nigeria will disappear the day he joins APC. That’s my personal advice, because no group of people have been so virulent in destroying him as a person and president as the APC. So what is he looking for there? Does he think he can reverse the pit that Nigeria has fallen with APC by joining the APC? I don’t think so.

“If he goes there, he will have to pamper with them in what they are comfortable with, not to do a radical change from within them. The only person that can do a radical change with what we’re facing in Nigeria today in APC is a PDP president, not an APC president for God’s sake.

“Present Goodluck is a good friend of mine, I worked very well with him, and I will be extremely disappointed if he falls for this campaign to have him go to APC. I don’t know what he will be looking for there?”

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