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South East governors should summon emergency meeting over IPOB sit at home order says Chief Simon Okeke

By Ifeoma Ejiofor

The former chairman Police Service Commission (PSC) Chief Simon Okeke on Tuesday says there is urgent need for governors in Igboland to surmon an emergency meeting of critical stakeholders to discuss the issue of sit at home order given by IPOB.

Chief Okeke made this call during an interactive session with journalists in his Akatar residence in Amichi in Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State.

“The South East governors should have a meeting with PG Ohaneze Ndigbo, the Leaders of Thought, town union PGs, Traditional Rulers, Opinion Leaders and other stakeholders over the matter.

“The meeting should deliberate on the issue of the Monday sit at home in South East and definite resolution and pronouncement be made so as to put an end to the present uncertainty around the order.

“IPOB has restricted the order to the days that the leader of the group, Nnamdi Kanu will appear in court but some overzealous people are still enforcing the order on Mondays, that’s the unfortunate situation where we found ourselves.” He noted.

Chief Okeke however opined that the sit at home is a great loss to economy and the people each time the order is observed.

The former chairman of PSC while asked to comment on the controversial issue of open said emphatically that open grazing is anachronistic.

Chief Okeke said that it is only in Nigeria that open grazing has become an issue.

He pointed out that the standard practice in other climes is that people set up ranches where cattles are bred for commercial purposes.

“It is really unfortunate that these herders are seen everywhere, the other time, the plane I boarded was supposed to land in Calabar, as the plane was descending, the pilot went up again only for announcement to be made that cattles are blocking the runway.

“There is practically no place these herders cannot take their cattles to for grazing, it is a very unfortunate development that should be discouraged with immediate alacrity.” Ochendo pointed out.

Chief Okeke noted that it has become imperative for all the House of Assemblies in Southern part of Nigeria to legislate against open grazing and also incumbent on Executive arm of government in the zone to ensure strict implementation of the anti grazing laws.

He said emphatically that the grazing route being advanced by the government at the center is nothing but a misplaced priority.

The former police boss also expressed worry over the spate of court orders that have characterized the Anambra State governorship election billed for November 6.

“Nigeria is the only country where issue of election is determined by the court, it is never done elsewhere, the development is indicative of corruption in judiciary, legislature and the executive arms of government. It’s really unfortunate that people now go up and down to shop for court orders for a simple exercise as election.” Chief Okeke declared.


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