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2023: North central is tired of playing the second fiddle, we want to be president – Saraki group

A group under the auspices of Delegation for North Central For  2023 Presidency has said the  North central geo-political zone is tired of playing the second fiddle in the country and therefore wants to become the president come 2023.

The delegation led by the former national chairman of the people’s democratic party, Abubakar Kawu Baraje and the former governor of Kwara State, Mohamed Shaaba Lafiagi while addressing party faithfuls  at the Kogi  state PDP secretariat  expressed the need for all the delegates in North central to give their bloc votes to a capable individual from the zone.

Addressing all the party officials from 21 local government areas of the state along with the state working committee,  Baraje said the zone has not been able to produce any democratically elected president since the creation of the entity called Nigeria.

While describing the north Central as a stabiliser and nectar that feeds the nation, he said  anytime the country had any crises it was in the zone they rushed to fish out somebody who would eventually fixed the problem
Going memory lane, he said it was  Gen Yakubu Gowon was picked  from the zone that fixed the country after 30 months civil war , while General Ibrahim Babangida deliver the nation from the draconian government of 1984 and Gen Abdulsalam Abubakar also came to entrench democracy in 1999 after the Abacha regime.
Baraje said the National patty of Nigeria the then ruling party was formed in Benue State with t Late Joseph Tarkar  endorsed to be the flag bearer of the party in 1979, but he said few days to the election Tatkas name was substituted to Shehu Shagari from the core north  who later became the president.
Also, he said the last PDP presidential primary in Port Harcourt was to be won by Bukola Saraki if the zone had put their act together and  give their bloc vote  to Saraki who he said is a visionary leader who has all it takes to take Nigeria to the promised land.

“It was the division in North central that brought Atiku  as the PDP flag  bearer and Saraki came second, but this time around we don’t want it to be so,  stakeholders have done a diligent search and we have to the conclusion that it is Bukola Saraki that
can rescue us from this directionless  APC Government×280&!5&btvi=2&fsb=1&xpc=W44OkmM4fe&p=https%3A//

” I therefore call on all  delegates from the six states in the zone  and the  FCT to give a bloc vote for the candidature  Bukola Saraki, in the forthcoming presidential primary coming up next year

” We  in the north central are competent, sharp, intelligenct people known as stsbilzer  of the country, they want to scheme us out the 2023 presidency again as they used to do, that’s why they threw the chairmanship of the party to us, but we  fought it vehemently and they reluctantly agreed we can also view for the presidency, therefore this time must not slip us by

  “We  have been PDP  national chairman severally
We are tired of being Chairman, we  now want to be president, and we are resolute to clinch the PDP ticket” he added.

Credit: daily Sun


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