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2023: Osinbajo hasn’t dumped Presidential ambition, says group

The Progressive Consolidation Group, a support group committed to working towards the emergence of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, as President come 2023, has denied reports that Osinbajo had dumped his purported Presidential ambition.

The group said Osinbajo’s focus on his current job as well as his non-desperation has increased his level of acceptance among supporters.

According to the PCG, speculations that Osinbajo renounced a Presidential bid long before he declared an interest smirk of mischief adding that the Vice President who has been appealed to accede to public demands to declare a bid was yet to make up his mind.

This is according to a statement titled, “2023: Job focus and non-desperation further reinforces supporters’ confidence in Osinbajo-Group,” signed by the Chairman of the PCG, Dr. Aliyu Kurfi, in Abuja, on Sunday.

He said, “Our dear Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo (SAN), remains loyal to his boss, President Buhari, he is very focused on the job and he has never been known for desperate politicking.

“Specifically, it must be stated that an outrageous lie that the VP attended any meeting to renounce 2023 presidential ambition or bow to any politician for the same, remains an absolute falsehood; how can he renounce what he is even yet to accept or declare?

“The wishy-washy concocted reports about Prof. Osinbajo having any meeting with any individual or group about a purported withdrawal from the 2023 presidential race is about an illusory event which only happened in the fertile imagination of mischievous persons.”

The PCG, which was the first support group to be recognised by the All Progressives Congress, said it would not condone dirty politics.

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