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AIG Zone 13, Danmallam Mohammed Interacted with Igwe Orizu iii and Nnewi People on the State of Security: He expressed Dismay at the senseless Destruction of all Police Facilities in Nnewi

By Okwy Nsoedo

The Assistant Inspector General of Police, Zone 13, Danmallam Mohammed visited Nnewi with the full retinue of his office.

The AIG paid a courtesy visit to His Royal Highness, Igwe Dr K.O.N. Orizu iii CON, the Igwe Nnewi, who received the AIG and his entourage warmly with kolanut and gift.

The AIG informed HRH and the Nnewi stakeholders led by Chief Dr Innocent Chukwuma (Okpuzu Ndigbo) that he came with a heavy heart to Nnewi. He recalled that Nnewi people have always worked closely with the police.

“He is very aware that the people of this town have always supported the police both in material and monetary terms.” It is in that light that he was shocked that some miscreants attacked the police personnel and destroyed the police stations, comprising of Otolo Police Station, the Nnewi Central Police Station, and the Police Area Command, Nnewi.

The AIG agreed that a few police men are bad, however, the overwhelming members of the police force are people of high ethical value that are mindful of their responsibility to the people.

He warned the people that if this type of destructive behavior is allowed to take root in the community, that the people should know that they are not safe, because when the miscreants finish with the police, they will go after the members of the community.

The AIG reiterated the fact that he is aware that the Igbo people financed over 90 percent of the development achievement in their communities, and it did not make sense to have those assets destroyed by hoodlums. He urged the people to work with the police to ensure that the culprits are prosecuted before a competent court of law.

Meanwhile, he called for support from the community to facilitate the restoration effort to see that the police return to full strength in Nnewi.

HRH responded that he was very happy with the visit of the AIG and his entourage to Nnewi, appreciating the good relationship between Nnewi and the police.

HRH Igwe Orizu responded by informing the AIG that his people are law-abiding citizens, who eschew such negative behavior associated with arson and destruction.

He also told the visiting delegation how sad he was when he saw the level of destruction caused by the hoodlums. He informed the AIG that Nnewi harbors a lot of non indigenes, and believe that some of the people who come to the town have malicious intention.

That he did not like the negative behavior some of the youth pick up from the television. HRH at the same vein urged the AIG to return his men to duty in order to restore confidence to the community.

The Crown Prince, Obinaechendo Orizu at all times, interfaced between the AIG and HRH to ensure that the messages being passed were understood without any speculation as to what they intended to convey to each other.

Chief Patrick Ubajaka, a former Council Chairman, said that Nnewi people have already taken up the challenge, and assured the AIG and his team that the destroyed police stations will be ready within couple of days.

He informed the AIG that Chief Dr Cletus Ibeto and Chief Dr Innoson Chukwuma have already assumed the responsibility of reconstructing the damaged facilities. Of significance, he said that no policeman lost his or her life in Nnewi.

Sir Ugochukwu Udemezue urged the AIG to direct his men to return to their posts immediately to restore confidence in the people of the town. He used the opportunity to thank them for the cooperation Nnewi community share with the people.

Chief Innoson Chukwuma led the team to the various facilities that were destroyed. Despite the fact the restoration was being carried out at an accelerated pace, one cannot help but saw the level of carnage unleashed by those hoodlums.

After the tour of the sites under reconstruction, Chief Innoson Chukwuma hosted everyone at his compound. Innoson donated a bus to the police, and Nnewi market leaders donated a vehicle to the police to assist them in their effort to rebuild.


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