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Alaba market demolition: IPOB calls on Ohanaeze, S’East govs, others to intervene

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has called for a proper dialogue between the Ohanaeze Ndigbo, South East governors and other stakeholders to seek a better way to save the Igbo traders and their investments from further destruction in Lagos State.

Spokesperson of the group, Emma Powerful, who particularly referred to recent demolition of stalls of Igbo traders in the state expressed concern on the silence of leaders of Yoruba socio-political group, Afenifere, and even some Igbo stakeholders.

A statement he released to newsmen yesterday called for urgent steps to be taken to avert further damages.

He said: “The Igbo politicians, governors, senators, representatives, Ohanaeze Ndigbo worldwide leaders, traditional rulers, businessmen and religious leaders, should have meeting to discuss how to secure Igbo businessmen and their investments in Lagos State The Yoruba groups and politicians are together in this against Ndigbo in Lagos State.

“Therefore, our people must take a stand towards these actions against Ndigbo by Yoruba people and their collaborators.

“With the level of criminal silence among Yoruba governors, Afenifre and their politicians, it only shows that they are together in this fight against Ndigbo in Lagos. Sadly, the Igbo leaders are mute about this insult on Ndigbo.

Questioning the rationale behind the demolition, Powerful said: “IPOB asked our people in other regions in Nigeria to return their investments back home, but it does not warrant the illegal and vicious destruction of Ndigbo’s hard earned investments and properties.

“Why will a responsible government allocate land and building permits to citizens to build houses and marketplaces and turn around to demolish the same structures if no ethnic agenda is being pursued.

“Many Ndigbo have lost the property they built out of their sweat to the latest economic sabotage against the Igbo from the Lagos State government.

“They should understand that Ndigbo are indestructible. We are children of Elohim. If Ndigbo can rise from the ashes of the colossal damages from the Nigeria genocidal war against them and acquire property across Nigeria, Ndigbo will rise much higher and never go down in the coming Independent State of Biafra.

“Nigerians’ envy against Ndigbo for their God-given blessings, will hasten the coming of Biafra. Whomever God has blessed, no man can curse.

“The same way holocaust was meant to destroy the Jews but became an opportunity for the Independent State of Israel, the same way these latest economic sabotage and systematic annihilation of Ndigbo will create a good opportunity for the Independent State of Biafra. Those who want to destroy us today will regret their actions in the near future.”

The pro-Biafra group equally enjoined the governors in South East to designate some locations for the development of ultramodern markets in the zone.

“They should create good access road networks and other amenities around these locations to encourage our people to return their goods to some of the modern markets in the East.

“We also encourage Ndigbo in the diaspora to bring their investments back home to any part of Biafran territory. IPOB reiterates the call on Biafrans to return their investments home, where it will be safe from the Nigerian state sponsored economic sabotage.

“The targeted demolition of properties belonging to Ndigbo, the illegal and repeated locking down of the Igbo markets in Lagos show that Ndigbo are no longer needed in Nigeria.

Credit: Daily Sun


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