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APC massive registration in S’ East will ensure Igbo president – Uzodimma

Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodimma has told the people of Southeast that Igbo presidency could be achieved if members in the zone massively register in their various States.

Uzodimma disclosed this in a State broadcast yesterday on the registration and revalidation exercise of members of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

The governor noted that to get to the mainstream of National politics, the zone ahould ensure a 70 percent registration from each of the wards in the States and shun opposition politics .

“We cannot achieve our dream of a Nigerian President of Igbo extraction by remaining outside the mainstream national politics. Even more importantly, we cannot get the justice we seek from the federation by playing opposition politics.

“Fortunately, we can reverse the narrative if we resolve to do so now. The starting point is from this party registration exercise. I, therefore, challenge all of us here to prove our mettle as leaders by ensuring that in our respective wards we register no less than at least 70% of the population as APC members.

The Governor added “As we all know the APC is the ruling party in Nigeria and Imo State. The registration and revalidation exercise was actually kick-started at the national level on Saturday in Katsina State by no other than President Muhammadu Buhari himself who is also the leader of the party. That clearly underscores the importance our great party attaches to the exercise.”

He however urged every leaders of the party in various States to use the opportunity to showcase their strenght by ensuring that they get more members registered.

“Needless to add that as a nationwide exercise, the registration and revalidation of our party membership is a test case for every state and every geopolitical zone in the country. The exercise will last till March 15, this year.

“The ample time provided is to enable every consequential stakeholder in our party to showcase his or her strength. It is a direct challenge to every Leader in every ward, every local government, every state and every zone, to show the stuff he or she is made of. Uzodimma stated.

Uzodimma has also expressed disapointment that APC has conyrol of only two States, which he said is not encouraging. “Sadly with only two APC states in the South East, it means that APC controls only 40% of the zone. This is not good enough if we are to return to mainstream national politics.

“Certainly, the need to return the South East to mainstream national politics cannot be overstated. To achieve this we need to wake up. Uzodimma charged.

Credit: The Sun


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