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Bandits kill eight, raze houses, church in Kaduna

Some bandits have invaded the Ungwan Gaida community near Kurmin Kaso in Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna, killing eight persons.

Several houses including the Assemblies of God Church were razed by the bandits who stormed the community in large numbers.

The state Commissioner for Internal Security and Home Affairs, Mr. Samuel Aruwan, who confirmed the attack, identified those killed by the bandits as Samaila Gajere, Bawa Gajere, Bitrus Baba, Umaru Baba, Solomon Samaila, Sambo Kasuwa, Samuila Kasuwa, and Gideon Bitrus

Aruwan said, “Security agencies have reported that armed bandits attacked Ungwan Gaida community, near Kurmin Kaso, Chikun LGA.

“As of the time of this update, eight residents have been confirmed killed in the attack.

“A building belonging to the Assemblies of God Church was razed by the bandits, along with several houses.”

Similarly, the commissioner said the Nigerian Navy troops stationed in the Kujama General Area neutralized three bandits and arrested two accomplices after repelling an attack on Wakwodna community, near Kasso Village, Chikun Local Government Area.

According to him, the troops stationed at the Kujama checkpoint responded to reports of an attack on Wakwodna Village and swiftly deployed for intervention.

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He added that the bandits fled into surrounding bushes on sighting the troops, and abandoned some rustled cattle which were rounded up and returned to their rightful owners.

“The troops engaged the bandits just before Kaso Village, and in a gunfight, three bandits were neutralized.

“Two locals who were injured in the exchange were evacuated for medical attention.

“During the operation, the troops arrested a suspected bandits informant, Kapido Halilu, and a logistics supplier, Umar Maipashi.

“Food and medical supplies meant for the bandits were confiscated. The suspects were taken into custody for further investigation,” he said.

He said Governor Nasir El-Rufai expressed sadness over the latest attack on Ungwan Gaida and condoled the families of the slain citizens as he offered prayers for the repose of their souls.

He added, “The Governor further condemned the attack on the place of worship and directed the State Emergency Management Agency to carry out an urgent assessment of the damage in the area for intervention.

“Governor El-Rufai commended the Nigerian Navy troops for their swift response in Wakwodna, and the successful operations. He wished the injured citizens a quick recovery.”

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