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CENSTLEYO Mobilizes Nnewi South Youths For Leadership

By Isaac Ojo

The Center For Strategic Leadership and Youth Orientation (CENSTLEYO) has mobilized youths in Nnewi South local government area of Anambra State in a one day seminar to strategize on how to be relevant in the scheme of things in the country.

The one day seminar was held at Super Royal Hotel, Amichi with the theme ‘Transformation of Leadership’

In her welcome address, the Nnewi South Local Government Coordinator of CENSTLEYO, Adinnu Ebere said that the aim of the one day seminar was to activate critical mass thinking that can lead to actualization of young people’s initiated agenda.

She noted that the seminar is structured to redirect young people’s minds to sustainable future as well as enable them to become more and super successful.

The Nnewi South Local Government Area Coordinator recalled with pride that CENSTLEYO on 24th September 2020 empowered forty youths with two hundred thousand Naira (N200,000) each to become self employed and equally employ others.

In his keynote address, Engr Austin Agwuncha who educated the youths on the theme of the seminar noted that Nnewi South Local Government Area is the most strategic in Anambra State politically because of its large number of political wards.

He pointed out that it has become a tradition for politicians to come into Nnewi South Local Government Area during electioneering campaigns and use the youths of the council area only to dump them immediately after the winning their elections.

The founder of CENSTLEYO, Mr Imah Felix Emeka in his speech stressed the need for all Nigerians especially the youths to be committed to the lyrics of the National Anthem.

He expressed worry that many Nigerians are not passionately committed to their father land.

Mr Emeka who has been a multi millionaire as early as 2008 advocated the need for people to think less about themselves and think more about their society.

The founder of CENSTLEYO urged the youths to try as much as possible to overcome the limiting factors of religion, tribe, ethnicity and over monitization of party politics put in place by the old generation to frustrate them.

He expressed optimism that Nigeria can be better with good character and passion to change for the better.

Mr Emeka urged the youths of Nnewi South council area to spread the good news of CENSTLEYO to their contemporaries.


2 comments on “CENSTLEYO Mobilizes Nnewi South Youths For Leadership

Uche Madubuko

Kudos! Nnewi South Youth! This is timely! We encourage all the remaining 773 LGAs in Nigeria to embrace youth dialogue, training, and advocacy … We need informed young people in leadership…. 2023 is for youth leadership in Nigeria at all levels. Let make it happen!


Nice one and kudos to our youths


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