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Constitution Review Will Not Bear Good Fruits, says Makinde

Without a recourse to restructuring of the federation and true federalism, the current effort to amend the 1999 constitution may be a waste of time says Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State.

The Oyo Governor who spoke to THISDAY at Government House in Ibadan said he was willing to stake his future political career on his prediction that nothing fruitful will come out of the constitution review exercise which he described “as an annual jamboree to waste money.”

“If this constitution amendment succeeds that will be the end of my political career that is how strongly I feel about the waste of time and one that is going on. Former President Goodluck Jonathan supervised the production of a document which many Nigerians agree is the best document for our civil relations, he did not sign it into law because. He thought he was goingcto return as President. That document is there and this administration has refused to do something about it,” he said.

Makinde explained that true federalism goes beyond resource control. ‘It is the fundamental of how we develop as a people. We should not say because these people are backward then you bring everybody to the same starting line. A country must allow its people to develop at their pace.”

Credit: This Day


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