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Court Hears Stay Requests Before Access Bank’s Contempt Motion Against Orjiakor

The Federal High Court in Lagos will on November 3 hear a contempt application filed by Access Bank Plc against businessman Dr. Ambrosie Orjiakor.

The bank is seeking to cite Orjiakor for alleged contempt of court over his inability to pay an alleged debt of $101 million.

At proceedings on Friday, Access Bank’s counsel informed the court of the pending contempt application. However, Orjiakor’s lawyers notified the judge they had filed a stay of proceedings pending an appeal.

Other respondents also had applications pending, including one seeking to join as a party. The judge ruled that these applications would be heard first before Access Bank’s contempt motion.

After hearing arguments, the judge adjourned till November 3 for rulings and possible hearing of the contempt application. In July, the court had frozen Orjiakor’s accounts over the debt claims.

The case continues on November 3, when the court is expected to make key rulings impacting the dispute between Access Bank and Orjiakor.

Credit: The Nigeria Lawyer


One comment on “Court Hears Stay Requests Before Access Bank’s Contempt Motion Against Orjiakor

Ben Obiatuegwu

A businessman in Nigeria to pay a judgement debt of $101 million to Nigerian bank?? And the business man’s Bank Accounts are frozen for months on that account??
Does the System or the courts intend the man’s business to function without funds? Or is the idea to immobilize or demolish the man & his businesses? This smacks of pure persecution & vindictiveness. I think INNOSON did suffer a related fate once?
Perhaps, top business men in Nigeria should put their monies in foreign banks, beyond the reach & interference of the Nigerian judiciary & domestic mendacities & vindictive rivalries.
I’m truly sorry for the business men & women so inhibited/embarrassed by what I consider, obscure & irrational judicial rulings. I really wonder how Dr ABC Orjiakor, in the case, has been coping!!!


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