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Wike Slams Nigerian Law School DG For Not Using Budget To Improve Dilapidated Infrastructure

The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, has strongly criticized the Director General of the Nigerian Law School, Professor Isa Hayatu Chiroma SAN, over the poor state of the school’s facilities.

In a scathing speech, Minister Wike accused Prof. Chiroma of failing to utilize available funds to maintain and improve the Law School infrastructure. He expressed disappointment that despite significant budgets allocated, the school environment remains in a deplorable condition.

“I am highly disappointed. Look at the money that was made available to you, you were not able to make use of the funds to upgrade the Law School. Money was budgeted for you to ensure you don’t have to run back to the federal government asking for funds to run the school’s activities,” Minister Wike fumed.

He further lamented that the government had expected the funds to be judiciously used for upgrading the school rather than seeking additional money. “We would have expected you to use the funds provided to run the school and improve its facilities. But you failed woefully to do so,” he added.

Minister Wike stated he was shocked at the current terrible state of the school when he recently visited, saying its parlous state was unacceptable. He questioned how Prof. Chiroma could be handed the critical position of DG with his clear lack of capacity to maintain basic infrastructure.

“Now you have been given the position of DG in charge of something as important as the Nigerian Law School. Yet you cannot even maintain the school facilities. What is going on?” Minister Wike remarked in dismay?

The strong criticism comes as questions rise over the leadership and management of the renowned Nigerian Law School under the current DG. Stakeholders have accused Prof. Chiroma of neglecting the welfare and needs of law students during his tenure so far.

Credit: The Nigeria Lawyer


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