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Egbu Education Trust Fund (EETF): The Egbu people took ownership of the program

The launching of the Egbu Education Trust Fund brought out the team spirit from the members of the community. In spite of the fact that people had events to attend, there was a very good turnout from the male folks, outnumbering the women folks significantly.

In attendance was good turn out of clergies, including an Egbu-native priest Rev Father Mbadugha, whom it was mentioned had shown up much earlier in the day to give moral support to the planning committee.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees for EETC took his position at the podium, and things began to happen. The Obi in council led by chief Afam Obiekosi were on time and perform the breaking of the kola ceremony following the blessing offered by Rev Father Uzochukwu.

The people’s enthusiasm was very but above all, they did not seem to be in a hurry to leave the venue.

Some of the noted personalities on hand were Chief Ifeanyi Okoye (Onwadiebube), Francis Onyeka (Abado), Akunnie Gab Ike Nwosu (Compt. RTD), Christopher Okafor (Onyenazonweya), Chief Pen Nwosu, Louis Okoli. Vincent Okeke (Ejima Udor), Chief Uba (Powell), Chief Chike Ileka (Amalu), Mrs Joseph Nzelu, Lady Ngozi Nwosu

The Ezeakukwu Nsoedo-led planning committee worked their tails off but could not predict the outcome of the education fund launching.

The event began slightly behind the schedule time, but once the opening prayer was said, everything came into place.

The individuals backed the chairman of the Board’s imperative for setting up the fund by sharing his story of how he would have become a statistic had there not been scholarship scheme those days.

The organizers raised a lot of money, but the significant thing was that virtually everyone who came to the function donated towards the fund.


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