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External forces behind secessionist agitators in Nigeria ‘ Fayemi

Ekiti State Governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi has made a shocking revelation that some external forces are behind those agitating for the break up of Nigeria across ethnic lines.

Fayemi said that the agitations were part of calculated plans by external forces in collaboration with their conspirators in the country to disintegrate Nigeria and

cause an untold humanitarian crisis.

He stated this at the weekend in Ado-Ekiti, the Ekiti State capital at a colloquium held to mark this year’s June 12 with the theme: “June 12: Securing the Freedom of Democracy”.

The colloquium which was chaired by the National Chairman of Afenifere Renewal Group, Chief Wale Osun, had veteran journalist, Dare Babarinsa, a member of Ekiti State House of Assembly, Hon Lateef Akanle and Chairperson, Ado Local Government, Mrs Omotunde Fajuyi as panellists.

The Governor explained that the rising tide of agitations for secession in some parts of the country could be curtailed political leaders and the elite are challenged to promote issues that unite the country through fairness, equity, and justice rather than issues of division.

According to him, “There is hardly any doubt that there are calculated plans by some external forces in collaboration with domestic conspirators to dismember Nigeria and cause an untold humanitarian crisis.

The continuing proliferation of conflict centres and the exacerbating divisive rhetoric are all parts of a grand plan to ground Nigeria to a halt. The security challenge that confronts us today is a direct threat to the future of our country because of its asymmetric nature. And worse, because of the disunity among the Nigerian elite on how to confront what is clearly a threat to their survival.”

He underscored the need for members of both the political class and non-state actors to practise the ethos the 1993 June 12 poll epitomizes where sectional, sectarian and partisan interests were set aside in the interest of the country.

Fayemi said such a unity of purpose and togetherness as well as patriotic positive disposition to the overall wellbeing of the country were needed in dealing with the current agitations for secession.

The Governor who reminisced on the struggles of some political class for the reign of democracy in the country noted that the June 12 elections revealed the strength of the nation’s diversity as it betrays the theoretical postulations about the ethanol-religious influence on electoral outcomes in the country.

Drawing lessons from June 12, 1993, elections, he said; “For me, the most striking lessons is that unity of purpose, open-mindedness are needed for our country to escape the relentless efforts of some elements to subvert our country’s corporate existence. 

“The security challenges that confront us today is a direct threat to the future of our country because of the disunity among Nigeria elite on how to confront what is clearly a threat to their survival.

Toxic mentoring that glorifies criminality, exacerbating hatred and divide our people should be scrupulously avoided. Nigeria was at such a precipice in 1993 after the exit of Gen Gbadamosi Babangida but it was at this moment that conscientious leaders came together under the National Democratic Coalition and other various organisations to provide a national direction and a pathway to democracy.

The political class elite of the time intentionally involved to curtail the rhetoric of internal issues and to avoid the distraction of subverting elements.

That is why we must all come together both those who are in government and those outside the government to challenge our leaders to do the right things. Confront the issues that divide us, promote the issues that unite us, ensure fairness, ensure equity, and ensure justice in our polity. Even as we fight to end criminality, let us unite all forms of bigotry to build a nation where peace and justice shall reign.”

The speaker of Ekiti State House of Assembly, Funminiyi Afuye in his goodwill messages reflected on the roles that Governor Fayemi and other stakeholders in the June 12 struggle played in the actualization of democracy in the country.

Also, in his welcome address, Wale Osun maintained that the freedom of democracy can only be secured true federalism that does not subjugate any part of its component and give due recognition to the diversity that exists within the nation.

The panellists; Dare Babarinsa, Hon Lateef Akanle and Mrs Omotunde Fajuyi, who fielded various questions from the moderator identified lack of abundant resources, transparency and prevalence of violence as the major cog in the wheel of democratic freedom in the country.

Credit: Nigerian Tribune


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