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Reopening grazing routes unacceptable – Afenifere

The pan Yoruba socio-political organisation, Afenifere, in it’s reaction to the Federal Government resolve to reclaim grazing route reserves, said reopening the grazing routes is unacceptable adding that it shows dishonesty and the draconian tendencies of the government.

Afenifere’s National Publicity Secretary, Mr. Jare Ajayi said the Federal Government’s insistence shows disdain and contempt that  it has for the people.

He said:  “The insistence of the present administration on re-opening the so-called grazing routes shows the duplicity, dishonesty and the draconian tendencies of the government. The insistence also further underscores the extent of the disdain and contempt that this administration has for the people.

“Even the Minister of Agriculture, Nanono disclosed that 22 states plus the Federal Capital Territory have agreed to provide land for grazing.

“He went further to give names of the states including the 400,000 hectares of land already said to have been provided by various states.

“Since the preponderance of opinion across the country is to go the modern way, which is ranching, why should the government insist on resuscitating what has become anachronistic?

“What is more, it has been established that the so-called grazing routes did not exist in all the states in the country.

“Ms Winnie Solarin, a director in the Ministry of Agriculture, was quoted as saying that the areas where structures have been erected would be spared. In practice, this can not happen. Once they start, they may not stop.

“They would want to go the whole hog.

“Reopening the grazing routes is unacceptable on any grounds.”

Credit: Vanguard


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