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Hon Amala Anazodo hosts Chief Melie Onyejepu, Hon Mbanefo, Umudim 2, Nnewi North APGA Exco: Two stakeholders declare for the party

Hon Amala K Anazodo hosts both his ward and the Nnewi North LGA Exco in his country home, Obiuno Umudim, Nbewi.

In attendance were significant stakeholders of the party at the LGA and State level. The star attraction of the even is Ogbuefi Melie Onyejepu, who is being looked upon by many as the likely successor to His Excellency, Chief Willie Obiano.

After the offering of kola nuts by the host, the chairman of the ward Ifwanyi Nwajide took over the meeting with happiness. He informed everyone in attendance that they are the best-supported group amongst all the wards that make up the party.

He continued, “nobody could ever match what Hon Amala Anazodo is doing to ensure that the party remains strong both here at the ward and the local government area”. He also used the opportunity to appreciate Hon Melie for his support of the party, and for attracting so many developmental projects to Nnewi North.

The LGA chairman, Hon Chike Agwuncha, reiterated the same for Hon Anazodo and Ogbuefi Melie, for their consistent support for the party. He urged other stakeholders to emulate the tenacious support the party enjoys from these two gentle men.

Agwuncha Harper on the attraction of projects to Nnewi by Ogbuefi Melie. Chibueze Anazodo Harper on the fact that Nnewi benefitted a lot through efforts of Chief Melie Onyejepu, supported by others representing us at Awka.

The Legal Adviser, Barrister Nwofor Tony, thanked Hon Amala Anazodo for his continued assistance to the party. He particularly wants to express his gratitude to Ogbuefi Melie Onyejepu, and for Melie to know that he is speaking the minds of all the party members.

Hon Agwuncha utilized the opportunity of the gathering to call for the zoning of the governorship candidate not only to the South Senatorial zone but to Nnewi North in particular. All speakers chorused the call to zone the governorship to Nnewi.

All speakers harped on the excellent work Nnewi indigenes have done to ensure the emergence of the various previous governors through their sweat and resources. Above all, it is time to appreciate the late Ezeigbo, Dim Odumegwu Emeka Ojukwu for the great work he did for APGA to remain a major force in Anambra state.

Hon Melie thanked the party for the good work they had been doing and promised to keep supporting them both morally and materially.

Melie warned them that they could not be complaining that they are not given the opportunity to produce the next governor. He told them to organize themselves and be more proactive in seeking for the governorship.

Hon Mbanefo recounted the positions he already held in the government of Anambra state, emphasizing that the governor recognizes the talent of the Nnewi people who have served him. That he enjoyed a close collaborative working relationship with Ogbuefi Melie.

Finally, Dr Azuka Muojekwu (Cobra) and Chief Innocent Anazodo declared for APGA. They both pledged to support the party to win by deploying their resources and know how which they have mastered.

Some of the attendees were Hon Chike Agwuncha, Mrs. Felicia Achusim, Nrs Regis Ikegwuonu, Mrs. Ebele Anunuba, Hon Vero Nweke (Madam Sylva), Hon Akachukwu Nwachukwu, Chief Chukwudi Uba (Abuja), Ifeanyi Nwajide, Chief Chibueze Anazodo, Chief Udegbunam, Mrs. Patti Nworgu, Osondu Izuegbunam, Hon Anuligo, Akaego, and Barrister Nwofor Tony, etc.


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