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I declare armed Fulani herdsmen terrorist group at altar of God-Bishop Udeh

By Madu Chris

A fiery cleric in Nnewi, Anambra State, Bishop Abraham Chris Udeh said he had declared armed Fulani herdsmen a terrorist group at the Altar of God, since the Federal Government, according to him, had failed to do the needful.
Bishop Udeh, who is the General Overseer of Mount Zion Faith Global Liberation Ministries Inc. Nnewi, a.k.a “By Fire By Fire” made the declaration during a church programme he held with the parishioners yesterday. They prayed for God’s intervention to hold sway, considering the harsh situation in the country.
He said that it beats his imagination why the Federal Government under President Muhammadu Buhari had not found it long overdue to declare the “killer herdsmen a terrorist group when they have already killed hundreds of innocent Nigerians everyday.”

He said he had taken it upon himself to do the declaration at the altar of God, noting that the declaration at the altar of God would be very devastating. He decreed that the consequences that follow his declaration before the Alter of God can not be altered by any man.
He kicked against having a Fulani extraction as the Commissioner of Police in any part of Igbo land. He expressed worry that the Fulani herdsmen would allegedly kill, maim, and rape their victims, and still go to the social media to boast how prepared they were for any eventuality without the government reacting to their threats.
The Bishop said he wondered why the military would turn the South East to a war zone without any respect to the citizens, he alleged. The Bishop accused the military of abusing the fundamental rights of the residents. He said that the heavy presence of the military, especially in Imo State is worrisome. He, therefore, calls on Governor Hope Uzodimma as the Chief Security officer of his State to make sure that military operations in his State is brought under control without further delay. 
He noted that the armed Fulani herdsmen are everywhere “but the soldiers would not go after them, yet you say it’s one Nigeria.”  He insisted that it would be better to allow Biafrans to go than to subject them to what he described as neocolonialism.
“Leave the Southeast alone. The Fulanis are everywhere, and nobody disturbs them. They engage in hate speech and nothing happens to them”.
“I’m against destruction of public facilities but they are the ones that created the situation. President Buhari’s statement about the civil war and the threats that follow it must be condemned in-toto”. How can that come from a President of a country”? You have Boko Haram insurgents and bandits in the North who cause havoc everyday, why not declare war against the entire North, if it is the right approach? The President must not do anything to show that he is indeed biased.
The Bishop said he could not understand why the Igbo people will be “perpetually” threatened with violence, and warned that it must stop to give peace a chance. He, however, advised Ndigbo not to sleep with their two eyes closed at this critical time.
He blamed the South East Governors on what he called silence of the grave yard. The type of silence when things are going bad is not right. He told them to wake up from their slumber and stop hoping on 2023 presidency of Igbo extraction, which promised is dead on arrival. According to him, as far as that presidency project was concerned, “all Igbo politicians are hoping against hope”.
“Look, Igbo people are known for their wisdom and entrepreneurships. But I don’t know why our Governors cannot read the handwriting on the wall”. They are all playing safe so that they will be considered for 2023 presidential election ticket when the Igbo is expected to be given a chance. “That is the biggest joke of the millennium”. The president is not very keen on being succeeded by an Igbo man.
“The Governors, and our National Assembly members who are there for personal aggrandizement, should with immediate effect look inwards to save the Igbo people from a grave danger which is looming. The Bishop prayed God to save the people as they fight for their rights.


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