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Ikpeazu’s kinsmen in North fire back at Adeyemi over remarks

Abia State indigenes under the auspices of ODINMA ABIA in the 19 Northern States have taken Kogi State Senator Smart Adeyemi to task over his recent uncomplimentary remarks against Abia State Governor Okezie Ikpeazu.

The group referred to Senator Adeyemi as a ‘square peg in a round hole,’ who, in their words, ‘should be recalled by his constituents to run errands in the village square.’

In a joint statement made available to newsmen by ODINMA Secretary Chief Patrick Lawson, Chairman Chief Chikezie Nwaogu and Patron Dr Pampas Ngozi Wahiwe, who is the Eze Igbo of the 19 Northern States, said that the senator’s comments indicate that ‘he went to the chamber with a stolen mandate.’

The Abia indigenes warned that Senator Adeyemi will face the wrath of the law when out of office, saying that ‘it is unfortunate that the hallowed chamber has become a motor park where the likes of Senator Adeyemi choose to open their mouths to do a great disservice to the great men and women, past and present, that have been elected to serve as Senators.

‘We want Senator Adeyemi to prove to us where and when did he see Governor Okezie Ikpeazu drinking alcoholic beverages of any kind.

‘In fact, if an alcohol test is run on Smart Adeyemi and our amiable governor, it will definitely show without a doubt that the Senator is the drunkard because our governor does not drink alcohol of any type.

‘We know that only confirmed drunks like Adeyemi will take pleasure calling others drunks, and we dare him (Adeyemi) to prove that past allegations of drunkenness induced misbehaviour against him are false.

‘We know Adeyemi’s history and his questionable activities when he was the NUJ President, but we don’t want to go into that, but it is sad that he decided to rain abusive words on an individual a time of national security crises requiring serious and focused actions by all arms of government.

‘We are proud to note that Abia enjoys the rating of being one of the safest states in Nigeria under the watchful eyes of Governor Ikpeazu who is well known to have invested in technology and hardware to support peace and security in the state.

‘If only Adeyemi was not suffering from the hangover of the previous night of alcohol consumption, he would have taken time to study development pattern in Abia State, rather than raining unjustifiable abuses on Governor Ikpeazu.

‘We do not need any apology from Adeyemi, but we are advising him to go for psychiatric evaluation, otherwise, he is not fit to remain in the Senate to make laws that will be injurious to his Constituency.

‘However, we must not fail to advise the leadership of the Senate to engage ways to prevent legislative misfits from using the protection offered by its hallowed chambers to abuse men who are by far better than them in all ramifications of human endeavours.

‘Finally, Abians have no apology to tender to Adeyemi or anyone for electing a Governor who is well educated enough to understand the science of the existence of COVID-19, the need to promote business and attract foreign investment to the state.’

Credit: The Sun


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