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Nigeria is not working, Anglican Bishop raises alarm

From Isaac Ojo Nnewi 11/09/20

The Anglican Bishop of Nnewi Diocese, Rt Rev’d Ndubuisi Obi says Nigeria as presently constituted is not working.

Bishop Obi stated this is his presidential speech during the 2020 synod of Nnewi diocese of Anglican Communion on Friday.

“The common people are suffering, there is abject poverty in the land despite our touted oil revenue. This is most unacceptable.

“Nigeria is only working for those who are benefitting from it. It is working for the elites.” Bishop Obi stated.

The prelate while speaking on the way out of the wood for Nigeria said restructuring is the way to go.

“The hydra headed federal government must be dismantled and power should be ceded to the regions. While we have a loose, coordinating government at the federal level.

“If we are a federal republic, then the regions must become federating regions and allowed to run their affairs, manage their resources and develop at their place. This is the simplest unambiguous way to put Nigeria on the path of recovery.” He said.

Bishop Obi said that the singular step of restructuring would stem the tide of killings of christians in Nigeria and also stop other atrocities being witnessed in the country.

The prelate also made passionate appeal to President Muhamadu Buhari to make every effort to secure the release of Leah Sharibu and all other abducted citizens who are still with terrorists.

While speaking on coronavirus pandemic, Bishop Obi said that Nigerians should do everything in their power to protect themselves, maintain good hygiene at all times, avoid crowded places, reduce their traveling and pray always.

A governorship aspirant, Tobe Olisa Olih while commending the diocese for the giant step taken in the last one year said the diocese has started implementation of parts of his manifestos of providing employment and infrastructural development of the state.


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