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Nigeria’s Major Problem Is Fake Pastors, Says Bro Uzukwu

By Isaac Ojo

The president and founder of Soul Revival Ministries, Nnewi, Anambra State, Bro Iyke Uzukwu says the major problem of Nigeria is not the politicians but the fake men of God.

Prophet Uzukwu who said this during an interaction with journalists in his residence noted that 95 percent of pastors in Nigeria are fake who do not care about the souls of their members.

“These fake men of God and fake prophets are almost everywhere, they have reduced their temple to a venue where politicians share their ill-gotten money, the competition among some of them is who has more private jets than the other not minding the cost of maintaining such luxuries.

“It does appear that the scripture where Jesus Christ said it would be difficult for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God is not in their Bible. It is shameful that allegations of rape, defilement of underage and all manner of evils are being directed to the so called men of God.

“Most of the problems confronting the nation are caused by the men of God who in their quest for material things have stopped telling those in corridors of power the same truth. Come to think of it, when people steal whether as a politician or common criminal, is it not the churches they take their loot to where they are celebrated as successful persons. This development is horrible.” Bro Uzukwu said.

He urged the government to do something urgently about the development to prevent further decadence.

Bro Uzukwu said emphatically that if he is given just six months by the powers that be, he would sanitize the church of God through the power of Holy Ghost.

The founder of Soul Revival Ministries Nnewi while commenting on the political development in Nigeria said democracy has failed in the country.

He noted that most of the infrastructure in place in Nigeria were actually done by the military while the succeeding democratic government have not been able to sustain those structures.

Bro Uzukwu said that time has come for Nigeria to start thinking of the alternative to the present unworkable democracy.

“People at the top may not know how bad the situation is, people now sell their babies just to feed, it was the culmination of these failures that led to the endsars protest. An hungry man will always be an angry man. What happened during the endsars protest would be a child’s play as compared with what would happen if urgent steps are not taken to address the issue of hunger and starvation in Nigeria. The politicians fly abroad whenever they have health issues, their children are schooling abroad because all institutions are totally collapsed in Nigeria.” Prophet Uzukwu said.

On the struggle for actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra, Bro Uzukwu appealed to the people to stop killing and shedding blood on that account even as he declared emphatically that Biafra would be actualized in 2035 without blood shed.


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