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Pay Abia Workers Salary Arrears, Pensioners Their Entitlement, Dike Tells Ikpeazu

The United Progressive Party (UPP) gubernatorial candidate in Abia State in the 2015 general election, Chief Ogbuehi Dike has tasked the governor of Abia State, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu to pay workers their salary arrears and pensioners their pension.Chief Dike stated this in a New Year message. The statement reads in part,“2020 is a memorable year in world history tainted with COVID-19 global pandemic and lockdown that changed lifestyles and impoverished billions of people as economies went into recessions. There were upsurge in terrorism, insurgency, militancy, banditry, kidnapping, ritual killings, ethno-religious conflicts and social injustices. World leaders groped in the dark, confused on the way forward. The mercies of God saw us through this dark period of uncertainties.“As we enter into the New Year, it is imperative that we rededicate ourselves to God and in service to the nation. A fresh start is offered to us to renew our hopes and aspirations of building a strong, stable, united, progressive and egalitarian democratic society.“We should enter 2021 with a high sense of patriotism and the courage of a tiger and do exploits in our various professions, occupations and vocations as government creates enabling environment for citizens to maximize their potentials. Nigerians are creative, industrious and resilient in achieving their goals, with prayers and determination we will make the country great again.“To achieve this, the federal government should tackle insecurity head-on and crush terrorists, insurgents and bandits in the country. The prolonged war on terror is an embarrassment and insult on the nation’s territorial integrity which has undermined our democratic process with regular kidnapping and killing of fellow compatriots. Since security is a grave national issue, Nigerians are urged to support the government and our gallant soldiers to win this war and free innocent citizens held captive in their dens. More importantly, we should know that the country is in a clear and imminentdanger and therefore, we should refrain from making inflammatory  statements on main and social media to the advantage of terrorists that could further endanger the unity of the nation and the lives of our military personnel.“The federal government should be proactive and put measures in place to prevent the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic at a time Nigerians are yet to recover from the previous national lockdown and the economy in recession. The need for citizens to adhere strictly to coronavirus preventive  guidelines and protocols including wearing of face masks, regular washing of hands, use of sanitizer and social distancing cannot be overemphasized. Adhering to these preventive measures will curtail the spread of the virus, with adequate supply of its vaccine, the nation will avoid a second lockdown. A stitch in time saves nine.” With the Independent National Electoral Commission’s  improved performance in recent elections, it has become necessary to scrap the various State lndependent Electoral Commissions that have become extensions of the 36 States Government Houses. From inception SIECs have never conducted free, fair, credible and acceptable Local Government elections. There is no justification for their continued existence as they make mockery of the nation’s electoral process with each poll conducted. I urge the Constitution/Electoral Act amendment committees of the Senate and House of Representatives to scrap these glorified government houses in the name of SIEC’s forthwith to save tax payer’s funds while INEC conducts all polls in the country.The heart cry of Abia State pensioners and workers  for payment of backlog of pensions and salaries owed them by the government is deafening in the ears of patriotic Nigerians. At a time various State governments in the country are providing palliatives in addition to salaries of workers, Governor Okezie Ikpeazu is insensitive to the plights and welfare of the workers. A worker deserves his or her wage,  to refuse or neglect to pay and pill it up for months or even years amounts to executive recklessness and rascality. I urge Governor lkpeazu to expedite action and pay Abia State workers their salaries and arrears immediately. It will boost their morale and productivity, which is essential to move the State forward.“As we all do some serious soul searching in 2021 and diligently carry out our duties to God, to fellow compatriots, our fatherland Nigeria will become the great arsenal of democracy in Africa. It is a new dawn.”

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