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2023: Nwodo describes Junaid Mohammed as a rabble-rouser

The President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Chief John Nnia Nwodo, has described Second Republic lawmaker, Dr. Junaid Mohammed as an incoherent politician and a rabble-rouser, lacking in political depth.

The Ohanaeze leader was reacting to a statement by Dr. Mohammed, who in an interview with Saturday Sun today, said Nwodo was a political opportunist and nursing an agenda to be Nigeria’s president. Chief Nwodo who reacted through a statement by his Personal Assistant, Emeka Atama, emphasized that Mohammed appears rather incoherent in his submissions.

According to the statement, “it is also preposterous for him to arrogate the position of presidential kingmaker to himself. What electoral value did he have that Chief Nwodo would kneel before him and, in any case, was he the electorate that could have determined his electoral victory?

“He is only trying to stir up unnecessary controversy as the rabble-rouser he is and is better ignored. Having spent his productive years on earth, it is most impossible that he will ever distantly approximate the towering political and social status of Chief Nnia Nwodo.

“It is unfortunate that Dr. Junaid, who probably could’ve been one of the brightest brains from the North left his chosen profession to venture, albeit unsuccessfully into politics. It is unfortunate because he lacks the political depth, ingenuity and sagacity of people like Chief Nnia Nwodo, and therein lies his envy.

“Chief Nwodo certainly cannot come down to his pedestrial level to bandy words with him. But for the sake of putting records straight, the Ohanaeze Ndigbo President General, Chief John Nnia Nwodo, expended his political ambition after he jostled with the incumbent president, Muhammed Buhari about thirteen years ago. Since then, he has never, and I can assure you unequivocally that he will never make any foray into politics again.

“He feels he has paid his dues, having served the country on many occasions as two time minister, and the younger ones should take over. Also, to say that Ohanaeze Ndigbo was working with IPOB to destabilise the country is clear manifestation of Dr Junaid’s ignorance of developments around him. Until recently, Chief Nwodo was a pariah as far as IPOB was concerned, culminating in Mazi Nnamdi Kanu declaring a fatwa on him. Peace was made between Ohanaeze Ndigbo and IPOB just a few months ago.

“And though the statement about joining IPOB agitation if there is no president of Igbo extraction after 2023, was actually made by Chief Okwesilieze Nwodo and not Chief Nnia Nwodo; the level and extent of marginalization of Igbo in Nigeria is enough for greater agitations if restructuring doesn’t take place soonest. No apology whatsoever.

“So, Dr. Junaid Mohammed will do better than joining issues with Chief Nnia Nwodo, who in any case, is at the twilight of his service to Ndigbo as their president general.”

Credit: The Sun


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