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Anambra 2021: I’ve best solution to poverty, unemployment — APC aspirant Nwokafor

An All Progressives Congress (APC) aspirant for the November 6 Anambra State governorship election, Dr Amobi Nwokafor, has promised to reposition the state if elected Governor.

The aspirant for Governor told reporters in Abuja that he will concentrate on eradicating poverty and unemployment in the state, stressing that he had prepared himself with requesite leadership vision and skill to lead Anambra State.×280&!3&btvi=2&fsb=1&xpc=6qtMW3LfNa&p=https%3A//

Nwokafor, a Chartered Accountant and industrialist, said that most leaders do not prepare for leadership before getting into governance.

He assured that the problem of insecurity would be solved with the creation of jobs.

Nwokafor lamented that despite the level of educated people in Amanbra State, there is still high level leadership vacuum in the state, promising that his leadership would harness the ingenuity of the people of Anambra to develop the state.

‘l am offering myself to govern because l have prepared myself to do so having been President General of Akwa Town union. l decided to offer myself to serve because of the gap between those doing well and not doing well in the states,’ he declared.

‘A good leader should be able to provide the needful for the society to grow and for humanity to be happy and be one. ln terms of infrastructure, you will find out that Anambra State was created 30 years ago but the state is still a glorified village.

‘The God-given gifts of our people are looking for somebody to harness them. There are gaps in development in terms of infrastructure. Take for instance, there is no Government House in Anambra State, there is no Governor’s Lodge in Anambra State. The governor is occupying a rented apartment, a place that was reserved for the judges. That is where the Anambra State governor is staying.

‘Anambra State Government House is a rented house which was used by a construction company. The capital territory of Anambra state today is not defined, there is pressure on the state capital, Awka. There should be an expansion of the place to accommodate everybody.

‘In Anambra State, we have a well defined pattern of development. Take for instance, Onitsha as a town represents the commercial hub. It needs to be further developed. Nnewi, again by nature and by design is industrial hub, a leader that has that vision should go further to develop that environment and provide all the required infrastructure for industrialisation.

‘Again, you go to Anambra North, the agricultural base of the state, you need a leader that has all it takes to develop agriculture to the highest level of where Anambra people would be sufficient in food production.

‘So, l am prepared by training and by God-given abilities to harness all l have enumerated and put them into use and make a viable state,’ he said.

On insecurity, the aspirant said: ‘You should know that insecurity as we see it today is a manifestation of some fundamental issues that need to be tackled. For instance, some people are aggrieved, they feel injured that they are not considered in terms of national development.

‘There is poverty in the land. Lots of people have this feelings that the leadership as we have it today are insensitive to the problems comfronting the youths, the challenges comfronting the women, infrastructural development and challenges of unity in the nation.

‘We have to have a leadership that would provide some basic things that any normal human being will want to see and be happy with. If we get down to tackle these issues very well then the problem of insecurity would be sorted out. Insecurity is just a manifestation of grievances of our people.

‘If you provide employment for the youths, their restiveness would stop and you would not have anyone of them engaged in the kind of problems we are facing. We have problems of cultism, agitation for self determination. We have to go to the root cause of these problems because the problem we are seeing are not the fundamental issues. If you address the fundamental issues as l highlighted, the problem of insecurity would be sorted out,’ he noted.

Credit: Daily Sun


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