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NEWMAP Anambra State visits Nnewichi, Nnewi with enironmental message and incentives

By our reporter

NEWMAP Anambra state came to Nnewichi, Nnewi with a message for the community to be more environmentally aware and friendly.

Mr Emeka Achebe the Communication Officer, Anambra State NEWMAP informed the community that global warming is impacting the environment in a devasting manner which is one of the reasons for the erosion menace.

The truth is that every individual and communities must do their part to counter the effects of the global warming.

Consequently, the NEWMAP is sharing special energy-saving bulbs to the selected communities in the state.

Achebe reminded the people that Anambra state has 177 communities but only 35 communities will be able to benefit from the present program.

“Despite that, Governor Willie Obiano insisted that Nnewichi quarter must be part of the beneficiaries” Achebe said.

Achebe said that he was not surprised for the governor’s consideration, knowing that Chief Melie Onyejepu works closely with his Excellency, and NEWMAP as well.

Achebe informed the community that usually when they do erosion projects, the benefiting communities are encouraged to plant trees on the edges to help protect the work.

However, the NEWMAP Anambra state is providing them with 1000 assorted trees to be planted at the site and within the community itself to help protect the entire community.

As you are always aware, our project comes with absolute accountability, hence, there must be detailed profiling of the beneficiaries, so that if any of the World Bank officials wants to verify from any beneficiary whether what was reported back is correct, he or she could do so.

Engineer Emeka Ajulufo, the Natural Resources Management Officer told the community that they were supposed to plant on the community roads and at the erosion project site.

Ajulufo said that he understood that where those trees could be planted on the road sides had been built-in. He, therefore, urged them to plant in their compounds and at the site.

Ajulufo urged them that when they plant at the edges of the project site, that they must be mindful to give sufficient space from the edges. It is important because when the trees are ripe, the community members would naturally go there to harvest them. By giving enough distance, there is not going to be any accident from someone falling into the pit.

The 1000 trees the delegation brought include cashew, avocado, palm, citrus, sour sop, coconut, etc. He urged the people to take good care of the trees.

The NGO-NEWMAP representative, Ephraim Ananaba urged everyone at the meeting the importance of engaging the women in the project.

Ananaba said that while men will rush out to plant the trees, but nurturing those trees a lot times fall on the women’s shoulders.

He told the community that they would be back in few months to check on the progress of the trees, reiterating that every effort must be made to ensure that none of them is lost.

The chairman, Community Liaison, Eloka Ubajekwe thanked the NEWMAP delegation for their dedication and commitment to us and Nnewi at large.

He reminded the people that they would remember that NEWMAP in the past had given them environment-friendly stoves to them which were distributed according to the criteria your organization gave us.

The special-energy bulbs and the trees must be distributed in the same manner, and the necessary returns made as well.

We the community are forever indebted to our brother, Chief Melie Onyejepu who is front and center in ensuring all these benefits to us and Nnewi community.

May God in his infinite mercies protect and direct him to keep working in the manner that he is working, both for Nnewi and Anambra state.


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